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ANCA Goes Three for Three

September 15, 2016 / , Editorial Director, Modern Machine Shop

Two years ago, ANCA introduced the FX series of cutting tool grinders that feature tubular shaft linear motors for the X and Y axes. This year, the Wixom, Michigan, company is previewing TX7 Linear CNC grinders that have these distinctive linear motors on all three axes for the first time. In the original FX series, LinX linear motors provide axis motion in the X and Y axes only. In contrast, the TX7 Linear replaces a preloaded ballscrew in the Z axis with a third linear motor to move the grinding head. All three axes now also have linear scales. 

According to a company spokesman, the benefit of these motors is smoother acceleration and deceleration, with no backlash or cogging to negatively affect tool surface finish. The superior finish that results supports faster cutting cycle times and longer tool life for end users. Another benefit to the machine user is that the linear motors do not need separate dedicated coolant and chilling systems, so there is no additional power consumption and no increase in ambient factory temperatures.

The distinguishing feature of this type of linear motor is the shaft, a cylindrical component in which high-power permanent magnets are embedded. This shaft fits inside, but does not contact, a tube-shaped forcer unit that surrounds it with an electromagnetic coil. When energized, the coil creates a magnetic flux that encircles the shaft and interacts with the magnets inside. This propels the forcer along the shaft to duplicate the axis motion typically created with a conventional ballscrew and ballscrew nut.

ANCA says the TX7 Linear is the ideal machine for production and resharpening cutting tools. The powerful 19-kW wheel spindle provides the high levels of speed and productivity needed to produce a wide range of tool types and geometry. The grinder also has high-performance servodrives for quicker machine movements and reduced cycle times, the company says. This machine offers an automatic headstock as standard and a range of options for additional automation, including a robot loader with a capacity to load as many as 840 tools, a six-station wheel changer for autoloading of wheel packs and coolant manifolds, a compact loader, and a laser probe for in-process tool measurement.

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