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Cell Demonstrates Role of Measurement Data in Labor-Saving Production

September 16, 2016 / , Editor-in-Chief, Additive Manufacturing

After-the-fact inspection often comes too late to keep an automated production process in control. In Booth E-5509, metrology and precision technology company Renishaw (Hoffman Estates, Illinois) demonstrates the role of measurement data connectivity in realizing efficient low-labor machining.

A machining cell in the booth produces an enclosure housing. The cell shows the effects of machine tool performance on the quality of parts produced, and also how manufacturers can monitor and control machines to ensure precise, consistent production. To integrate off-machine gauging, the cell employs robot handling and data connectivity. The system provides for automatic tool offset control and point-of-manufacture quality assurance, keeping the machining process centered and giving confidence in the quality of parts before they progress to the next process. When all machining and finishing processes are complete, CMM inspection is used to verify the final parts meet specifications.

Also demonstrated are rapid automated setting of tools and workpiece location using standard user-programmable cycles.

The ability to monitor key process inputs and analyze and respond to data is key to increased productivity and higher accuracy, the company says. Its predictive “Process Control Pyramid” establishes checks and measurements before, during and immediately after machining, to control both common-cause and special-cause variation. The company’s booth provides what it sees as a one-stop opportunity to explore technologies for measuring many of the key process variables in CNC machining and other forms of manufacturing.

Indeed, it even offers a possibility for expanding those forms of manufacturing, because in addition to its range of metrology equipment, Renishaw is exhibiting its additive manufacturing technology as well.

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