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Crossover Vise Combines Virtues of Popular Models

September 16, 2016 / , Editorial Director, Modern Machine Shop

The DX6 CrossOver vise from Kurt Manufacturing (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Booth 2423, uses a crossover of features from the company's AngLock and Pull-Type designs, plus it adds a four-bolt stationary jaw. With growing attention to setup reduction, flexible workholding and tighter tolerances as current trends in manufacturing, Kurt sees the need to reinvent the most basic of workholding devices. Hence the new design, which is intended to achieve greater workholding strength and precision where flatness and parallelism are critical, whether in CNC production or toolroom applications.

Steve Kane, global sales and marketing manager, says that the new vise combines features from all three underlying product elements. Borrowing from the AngLock design, it creates all-directional clamping alignment and downward force to reduce jaw deflection. Borrowing from the Pull-Type design, it reduces stress in the body and maintains flatness after assembly. By adding the four-bolt design, it reduces stationary jaw deflection and alleviates body stress.

The DX6 CrossOver provides a 9-inch jaw opening within the inside jaw position. The vise body, which weighs less than previous models, is 7.39 inches wide and 16.81 inches long to allow more vises on the machine table. The vise body also provides chip evacuation straight through the body at the sides and end of the vice to prevent chip buildup.

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