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EOS Users Gather, Collaborate

September 14, 2016 / , Editorial Intern Modern Machine Shop

EOS, a producer of additive manufacturing solutions in direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) and plastics laser sintering, is holding its North American User Day (NAUD) tomorrow in Sky Ballroom D, room W375-D. The event is designed to bring together users of EOS machines to collaboratively discuss best practices in regards to the company’s technology. The NAUD is open to EOS customers as well as all attendees of IMTS.

According to Andy Snow, senior vice president of EOS of North America, the event has been expanded to become an open forum for information gathering and collaboration between the company’s top executives and technical staff, as well as industry experts.

“Previous NAUDs were a showcase of applications, technology and roadmap advancements with EOS,” Snow says. “This year we have brought in a lot of like-minded people that are industry experts to speak on the use of the technology within their particular industry vertical for adding additional value with the use of AM and subtractive manufacturing techniques; where they can coexist; and how the overall process chain can be a huge value proposition for people considering the use of additive and integrating it into their production environment.”

Attendees of the NAUD will gather in industry-specific breakout sessions where EOS business development managers can talk about their different industry verticals, including automotive, aerospace, consumer products and tooling applications.

EOS also offers NAUD conference-goers the chance to attend a question and answer session during a fireside chat with its CEO and founder, Dr. Hans Langer. According to the company, its goal in hosting this open forum is to give attendees the opportunity to learn about what EOS is, what its strengths are and what its value proposition is to the industrial 3D printing world.

Additional speakers include Simin Zhou, vice president of Digital Manufacturing Technologies; Stefan Fries, director of Change Factory; and Mukesh Kumar, director of biomaterials, research materials and process development at Biomet.

The company will also introduce the latest version of its M400 DMLS system during the NAUD. The system features 400-W lasers for higher productivity and a melt-pool monitoring tool that enables the real-time automation and monitoring of the weld pool within the direct metal laser sintering process. According to the company, the system was developed primarily for production applications specifically within the aerospace industry.

EOS was founded in 1989 by Dr. Hans Langer and Dr. Hans Steinbichler. The company is based out of Krailling, Germany, and has a variety of offices and distributors located around the world.

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