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IMTS 2016 Show Daily

Honing Equipment Now Supports MTConnect

September 15, 2016 / , Executive Editor, Modern Machine Shop

MTConnect debuted at IMTS 2008, and you’ll find examples of this standard in various areas of this year’s show. One is Sunnen’s booth N-7400, where the company is demonstrating the new MTConnect capability offered on four of its honing machines. This is a first for Sunnen, and as far as the company is aware, is a first for the honing industry in general. 

MTConnect is a set of open, royalty-free standards that uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Internet Protocol (IP) technology as a common communication link to publish machine data over networks. In the simplest terms, MTConnect translates the proprietary computer language of each machine into a common and simple internet-based language that can be used by data-acquisition and machine-monitoring software applications.

Sunnen is demonstrating MTConnect on a network of four machines that display process and performance data on monitors throughout the booth, on the machine controls and on wireless mobile devices. On the network are the company’s new SVL-2115 lapping machine (more about that below) and SV-2510, SV-25 and SV-2115 honing machines. The machines can report current state, cycle times, delay times, part counts, gaging data and other information needed to evaluate overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), process performance and potential maintenance needs. The system is also scalable for use with enterprise software, either locally or in the cloud.

Chris Miltenberger, attending the show as the company’s new president for the first time, says this capability is key for leading manufacturers and shops pursuing the advantages of the “smart factory” or Industry 4.0 as it is known in Europe. “Manufacturing visualization will be particularly important where honing is an integral step in sequential production of high volume products, such as fuel injectors, hydraulic valves and cylinder liners,” Miltenberger says. “Honing systems can now communicate data via the digital infrastructure used by 21st century business systems for smarter analysis and decision making.”

Sunnen is also entering the lapping business by introducing its first SVL-2115 automated lapping machine, which is said to bring increased productivity and part consistency to what is traditionally a manual process. Based on the its SV-2100 honing system platform, the SVL-2115 provides single-setup processing of precision hydraulic valves, fuel system components and other parts that are prone to distortion when honed. The walkaway system uses an indexing table to automatically lap and air gage bores throughout the lapping cycle. Gage readings are fed back to the machine control and the cycle is repeated until the parts are within spec.

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