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IMTS 2016 Show Daily

Human Ingenuity Meets Automation

September 12, 2016 / , Editorial Director MoldMaking Technology

This phrase not only illustrates the value and significance of automated technologies, but also the engineering support required to design, develop and implement custom automation solutions. Makino’s presence at IMTS 2016 Booth S-8700 brings this theme to life by focusing almost entirely on automation.

The company’s latest machining centers and engineering solutions have been combined to create adaptive automation systems for any market or production demand, including mold/die, automotive, aerospace, medical and general production markets.

Eleven of the 16 machines on display in the booth are integrated with some level of automation, ranging from simple pallet pool systems to mold/die automation and complex, custom-engineered production systems.

One automation technology highlight is a mold/die cell featuring an EDNC6 sinker EDM and V33i-5XB five-axis vertical machining center with an EROWA ERC for low-volume, high-mix production of mold components while achieving utilization rates approaching 85 percent, according to the company.

Others cells include: a Makino Machining Complex (MMC2) pallet-handling system with an a61nx-5E five-axis horizontal machining center; an a51nx-5xu five-axis horizontal machining center with a work holding magazine and large-tool magazine doing continuous, unattended five-axis machining; a custom automated system using a newly updated a51nx horizontal machine with 60-tool magazine and EROWA robot multi-ERM system; a J3 horizontal machining center with stacked axes easily integrated into a high-volume automation concept; and, an a40 high-performance horizontal machining center with an overhead gantry system performing high-volume, parallel processing of small, nonferrous, die-cast parts. 

To tie all of this together, Makino is also providing insight as to how the Internet of Things is changing the factory floor.

And don’t forget to check out the company’s Lunch & Learn lineup, also highlighting automation. Presentations are held noon to 1 p.m. daily in room S104a and S104b and feature Tennessee Tool & Engineering (Oak Ridge, Tennessee), Turbine Technologies (Farmington, Connecticut.) and Dynamic NC (Rose Hill, Kansas).


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