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IMTS 2016 Show Daily

Somma Highlights its “Forte” at First-Time Exhibit

September 15, 2016 / , Managing Editor Production Machining

Somma Tool Co. (Waterbury, Connecticut) is making its debut at the show this year in Booth W-2027 as a manufacturer of a full range of cutting tools, toolholders and workholders for the machining industry. Jerry Somma, vice president of sales for the company, says this position is unique for Somma.

“Other exhibitors and competitors usually manufacture products in only one of these three product categories,” he says.

Although new to IMTS, Somma Tool has been in business since 1939, serving the screw machine industry. It began as a specialty form tool grinding house, with primarily local Connecticut shops as customers. It has since evolved into a nationwide and overseas manufacturer of many types of tooling.

Its booth is a one-stop shop that includes broaching tools and broach holders, cut-off blades, insert-style cutoff and forming tools, circular and dovetail form tools and blanks, and resharpenable and throw-away-style inserts for tool systems. It also displays the company’s turning tools, various toolholders and workholders, benchtop tapping, and retapping machines. Somma offers a range of tooling for automatic screw machines, CNC machines and especially for Swiss screw machines.

“We are the only broach tool manufacturer who makes and stocks standard-size hex and square broach tools made from ‘Forte’ material instead of basic M2 high speed steel,” Somma says. “Forte material is the toughest broaching material available, resulting in the best wear resistance for longer tool life.” Promotional items related to the broaches are being distributed at the booth. Daily discounts on select products also are being offered.

The booth also displays rotary broaching videos, which include FAQs on internal and external rotary broaching, centering on a broach, how to align a broach, driven broach holders, and vertical broaching in a CNC mill.

Somma says his staff is excited and ready to explain the benefits that new and existing end users will experience with Somma products. “We encourage attendees to check us out,” he says. “We especially hope that attendees who make non-round internal or external shapes in a part will come and see the benefits of using Somma Forte broaches and holders.”

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