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EDM Drilling Machine Enables Multiple-Machine Setup

August 9, 2016 / , Assistant Editor Products Finishing

Belmont’s SY series of high-speed CNC drilling EDMs includes the SY-3030T with a paint-to-paint design enabling multiple-machine setup. The machine has an open height of 19.6" with X-, Y- and W-axis travels measuring 11.8" × 11.8" × 19.6". The work tank can fill up to 11.8" high, supporting submersible applications.

The SY EDMs support automatic depth control, multitasking abilities, three-step control of EDM parameters, Ethernet connectivity, USB support for transferring data, and conversational G and M code programming. Other features include linear glass scales and the ability to interface with ancillary devices such as rotary and tilt/rotary tables, indexers and workpiece handling systems. Available options include a 12-position automatic guide changer and Break Through Detection circuit which supports a complete hole and helps to eliminate back wall strikes. 

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