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Elliptical Deburring Tool Offers Exchangeable Blade Options

August 22, 2016 / , Assistant Editor Products Finishing

Heule Tool’s COFA C series of elliptical deburring tools features exchangeable blade options with material-dependent coatings. The tools are suitable for removing burrs on the front and back of drilled through holes on even or uneven surfaces in a single cycle.

Each tool body can house different-sized blade options. Tool types ranging from C6 up to C20 enable as many as three different deburring capacities without changing the tool, thanks to the exchangeable blade sizes. The swivel movement of the blades is guided by a blade holder, enabling the cutting edge to follow the uneven bore edge. According to the company, the more the tool enters into the bore, the more the blade swings into the tool body. The result, Heule says, is a radially shaped consistent deburring of the bore edge which enables faster feed rates with the tool slowing itself down as it enters the through hole.

The deburring tool has no adjusting screws or presetting requirements. A choice of tool sizes and spring strengths enables use in various materials and hole sizes.

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