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HMC Performs Gear Skiving for Mass Production

August 4, 2016 /

Toyoda’s GS300H5 gear skiving center equips a skiving function on a general-purpose HMC, enabling mass production of gear parts. The machine’s CNC and a high-speed rotary table are designed to achieve high-speed, multifunctional machining as a compact and lightweight product, simplifying programming functions. According to the company, the HMC’s single-chuck machining configuration integrates all gear machining processes for a more functional and cost-efficient shop floor.

Feed rates on the machine reach 60 m/min. with travels on the X, Y and Z axes measuring 730 × 650 × 850 mm. The HMC includes a 6,000-rpm, 50-taper spindle with 30/25 kW of power.

The machine features a 3,000-rpm, 160/90-Nm rotational C axis with a built-in motor, supporting automatic hydraulic fixtures. Featured alongside the machine is the Toyopuc-GC70 control. The technology displays the content of the NC program by using NCSFC and simplifies input of gear data, tool data and cutting conditions. 

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