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Multi-Axis Laser Processing System Uses Two Independent Workstations

August 26, 2016 / , Editorial Intern Modern Machine Shop

The Laserdyne 606D multi-axis laser processing system, available from Prima Power Laserdyne, features two independent workstations in a single unitized structure. The system’s dual workstations are designed to maximize throughput. The system is designed for precision 3D laser cutting, welding, drilling and texturing of a range of materials.

The two work stations feature an XYZ speed of 2,000 ipm (50 m/min.), 2 G acceleration and bi-directional accuracy of 0.0008" (20 micrometers). Linear motors on the X and Y axes enable high throughput.

The two S94P controllers provide integrated control of the laser, motion, process gases and process sensors in order to produce smart solutions for cutting, welding and drilling. The newest of these capabilities, called Smart Techniques, includes Smart Stop to reduce backwall damage during drilling, Smart Shield to provide protection against excessive oxidation in the weld area, Smart Pierce to minimize spatter and pierce time, and Smart Ramp to eliminate the weld indentation at the end of laser welds.

Two of the company’s Beam Directors provide the fourth and fifth axes of beam motion for processing three dimensional components. Rotary (or C-axis) travel is ±450 degrees about the Z axis. Tilt (or D-axis) travel is ±150 degrees about the C axis.

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