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Sinker EDM for Aerospace, Production Applications

June 27, 2016 / , Editorial Intern Modern Machine Shop

Belmont’s MX-220 Drop Tank, part of the company’s Maxicut ZNC series of sinker EDMs, features a compact footprint of 56" × 104" and a paint-to-paint design that enables multiple machine setup. The machine is designed for use in the aerospace industry and production applications.

The machine is built with a fixed table, having no X-Y motion, and utilizes die-set fixturing. The Z-axis travel is 5.9" and is supplemented by a back slide with 7.8" of additional travel for flexibility. The machine features an available open height of 17.7".

The MX-220 is equipped with a one button cycle start operation. When the machine is in the auto cycle mode, the operator is only required to load a work piece and electrode, if necessary, and press the cycle start button. The machine then automatically executes the production cycle. The work tank raises and fills, the electrode auto-zeros on the work piece, and the machine EDM’s to a programmed depth. At the end of the cycle, the Z axis retracts and the tank drains, ready for the operator to load the next part.

The machine uses an auxiliary fast-fill pump in addition to the flush pump to promote increased production and reduced fill time. Cycle time to fill the tank is 30 sec. with 4 sec. to drain the work tank. The sinker EDM features a linear glass scale and can interface with such ancillary devices as rotary and tilt/rotary tables, indexers, and workpiece handling systems.

Optional features include Adaptive Logic control that guards against arcing and shorting of the electrode under poor cutting conditions. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with a part-sensing circuit that interfaces with sensors on the die-set fixture to determine whether the workpiece is loaded correctly. 

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