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Steady Rest Supports Long Workpieces without Deflection

September 6, 2016 / , Editorial Intern Modern Machine Shop

Hardinge’s hydraulically-operated Forkardt SRFN1 compact steady rest is a new attachment designed for the company’s Conquest H51 CNC turning center. The attachment is intended to support long workpieces without distorting or deflecting the part.

The steady rest features a stiff structure, compact design, and fully-sealed body for increased protection from coolant and chips. The gripping range is 0.24" to 2.76" (6 to 70 mm) and the unit provides 5-micron repeatability. Additional features include hydraulic ports on the top and side of the cylinder, a built-in safety valve, feedback for increased opening, a port for compressed air, provision for centralized lubrication suitable for grease or oil, front body profile for easy chip flow, and a steady rest unit that moves on a dovetail with a programmable gripper. 

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