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Turn-Mill Performs Six-Sided Machining without Interruption

August 3, 2016 /

Bumotec’s s191FTLR seven-axis turn-mill from Starrag is designed to start with a plain bar and finish parts such as aircraft pinion regulators complete in a single setup. The machine is able to perform six-sided machining, including the generation of an outer ring gear and pin for the inner ring gear, without interruption to the cycle. The machine uses dynamic correction capabilities and Renishaw’s non-contact part probing techniques to produce a precise tooth.

The turn-mill uses its full-size subspindle and FANUC linear motor drive to turn, hob, grind, surface finish and mill aerospace fuel injectors, from small, high-mix batches to large-volume serial production. According to the company, the machine provides quick changeover, high productivity, lower cycle times and reduction in part handling. 

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