Monday, February 19, 2018
IMTS 2016 Show Daily
Gear Generation

Gear Generation

Toyoda GS300H5

HMC Performs Gear Skiving for Mass Production

Toyoda’s GS300H5 gear skiving center equips a skiving function on a general-purpose HMC, enabling mass production of gear parts. Continue Reading

Starrag Bumotec s191FTLR

Turn-Mill Performs Six-Sided Machining without Interruption

Bumotec’s s191FTLR seven-axis turn-mill from Starrag is designed to start with a plain bar and finish parts such as aircraft pinion regulators complete in a single setup. Continue Reading

Star SU Samputensili

Gear Grinding Machine Grinds without Coolant

Star SU offers the Samputensili SG 160 Sky Grind dry-grinding machine designed to grind gears without using coolant. Continue Reading

Index Traub G220

Turn-Mill Includes Motorized, Five-Axis, 18,000-rpm Milling Spindle

Index’s G220 turn-mill includes a motorized five-axis, 18,000-rpm milling spindle and a tool turret with Y axis. Continue Reading

2015 Machine Tool Consumption Forecast – Up 37%

Since two significantly down years after the financial collapse in the fall of 2008, machine tool consumption has been quite strong, performing at or above the historical average market. But 2015 looks to be the best post-recession year yet. Continue Reading

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